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Emsella Treatment in Houston, TX

Urinary incontinence can have different causes and factors, but the primary cause is a weakness in the pelvic floor muscles. This interconnected band of strong connective tissues and muscles hold the pelvic organs in place. They control the bladder, helping to hold or pass urine. Over time our muscles and tissues weaken. Pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause all play a role.

Then one day we notice something new and unwanted — a leak. At first, it happens during an event such as a hard sneeze, but then it becomes more frequent. Pretty soon, you’re getting up three or four times a night. You can’t exercise without worrying. You worry while driving. Now your urinary incontinence is affecting your quality of life.

What is Emsella?

At Northwest Women’s Center, we’re excited to offer the latest technology to treat urinary incontinence for our patients — BTL Emsella®. BTL Emsella® stimulates the pelvic floor muscles with thousands of contractions per session in a completely non-invasive treatment. This stimulation leads to regained strength in the pelvic floor muscles and regained control over your bladder.

How does Emsella work?

BTL Emsella® uses electromagnetic waves to create about 12,000 contractions of the pelvic muscles in a 28-minute session. These are basically Kegel exercises, but this level of contraction frequency is impossible on your own. By making the pelvic floor muscles contract to this degree, these muscles become stronger. This allows the patient to regain control over her bladder and her incontinence either fully resolve or dramatically improves.

Who is an ideal candidate for Emsella?

At Northwest Women’s Center, we find that any of our patients who are dealing with urinary incontinence are good candidates for BTL Emsella®. The treatment is completely non-invasive. There isn’t any recovery. All you have to lose is your irritating incontinence.

What is an Emsella Treatment like?

When patients come in for these treatments, they’re amazed at the simplicity brought to you by our practitioners. The device generates electromagnetic waves and directs them upwards into the patient’s pelvic area. The electromagnetic waves, which have no harmful effect on the human body, stimulate the pelvic muscles to contract quite rapidly. Over the course of your 28-minute Emsella® treatment, you will have 12,000 contractions. Try doing that many Kegel exercises in a lifetime, much less 28 minutes!

Emsella treatment northwest women's center Houston, TX

That’s it. When your 28 minutes are up you head out and get back to your normal activities immediately. BTL Emsella® recommends six treatments, scheduled twice a week for the regained control to stop your incontinence.

Are these Emsella Treatments painful?

It’s hard to believe, but all you do is sit on the Emsella® Kegel Throne for 28 minutes while the electromagnetic waves do their thing. You’re fully clothed and can simply read a magazine or book during your session. There isn’t any pain at all. Our patients say they experience tingling and pelvic floor muscle contractions. The feelings aren’t unpleasant in the least.

When will I see results from Emsella?

Our patients express feeling immediate changes and results after their first session. These build as the pelvic muscles become stronger. Over the course of your six Emsella® sessions, you’ll become more and more confident and have less and less leakage.

Are my Emsella Treatments covered by insurance?

The FDA cleared Emsella® on January 22, 2019, so it is a brand new treatment for urinary incontinence. Because it is still a new procedure, it is not currently covered by all insurance plans. At Northwest Women’s Center, we work with your insurer to gain the maximum coverage possible for every treatment we provide. This will likely be an evolving insurance issue as BTL Emsella® becomes more well known in the health care world.

Emsella treatment northwest women's center Houston texas

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