What Is A Colposcopy And What Can I Expect?

Women who have had a Pap smear come back with abnormal results may be worried about what has been discovered. At Northwest Women’s Center, we work directly with patients of the Houston, TX area to help walk them through the process to obtain an accurate and definitive diagnosis and discuss treatment options once the results have come back. Women who have had a Pap smear test result of abnormal will often undergo a procedure called a colposcopy.

What is a colposcopy?

The colposcopy procedure is a special way of evaluating the vagina and cervix with a medical device known as a colposcope. This device is inserted into the vagina to the cervix to illuminate and magnify the examined area. During a colposcopy, a provider can evaluate the area of concern, visualize changes in the surrounding tissues, identify abnormal cells, and take a biopsy for further testing.

Why might I need a colposcopy?

Many colposcopies are triggered by an abnormal result from a routine Pap smear. It can help evaluate any precancerous changes of the cervix, vagina, or vulva, and look for inflammation of the cervix that may indicate a concern. Additionally, colposcopies can be performed to evaluate genital warts.

Is a colposcopy painful?

Most women have no issues in having a colposcopy completed. The procedure takes approximately 15 minutes and is considered non-invasive. The colposcope is positioned near the vaginal opening and allows the doctor to evaluate the cervix and surrounding tissues. Women should not have any anxieties or fears surrounding their colposcopy appointment as it is a comfortable treatment that allows for further diagnosis of concerns.

Why is tissue biopsied?

Biopsies allow for tissues and growths to be further examined to look for signs of cancer. With an early and definitive diagnosis of cancer, many women can seek treatment and alleviate the problem with intervention in the earliest stages.

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