What Your Vaginal Discharge Could Be Trying To Tell You

vaginal health Vaginal discharge can be a natural process caused by the normal bacteria within the vagina and the vaginal cells. It can help keep the vagina clean and even protect against infections.

However, there are some instances when the vaginal discharge changes from a typically clear or white, odorless fluid to discharge varying in color, odor, and consistency. These changes can point to specific occurrences in your body, from infection to injury. Learn what the different vaginal discharges mean.

Normal Discharge

Normal discharge can vary between people. In most instances, however, a typical discharge will be clear, transparent, or white. Though it usually has a thin consistency, discharge can be thicker, leading up to menstruation.

One way to know if discharge is abnormal is if it is accompanied by itching. Discharge with itching can be a sign of an infection or medical issue. Normal, healthy discharge should rarely, if ever, be accompanied by discomfort.

Yellow Discharge

Yellow discharge, especially if accompanied by an odor, may likely be related to an infection or STD. Sometimes, yellow discharge can be related to a pregnancy or diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease.

Yellow discharge may be normal in some instances, but it typically calls for a doctor’s visit; however, yellow discharge, accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea and abdominal pain, calls for immediate medical attention.

Brown Discharge

Brown discharge could be caused by blood in the fluids. If this happens around your menstruation, this can be normal, especially if you suffer from irregular periods. Unfortunately, brown discharge may also be a sign of certain cancers.

If you experience brown discharge away from your menstrual cycle or after menopause, seek medical help immediately.

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Vaginal discharge can have a variety of causes and may mean different things, from the benign to the incredibly serious. The best way to know what it means is to visit a doctor.

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