How Often Should You Be Tested for STDs?

stds Proper sexual health requires frequent and consistent testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). STDs primarily spread through sexual contact, though some may spread from mother to baby through childbirth and may also spread through medical procedures such as blood transfusions.

Though many are treatable, STDs can still pose grave health risks, and testing is the

only way to make proper diagnoses. Circumstances and individual contexts influence when you should get tested. Here are the factors to know when to get STD testing.

What Influences Testing

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to STD testing. Individual situations will dictate the frequency of testing. Here’s what to consider:

Being Sexually Active

If you are sexually active, you should be getting tested for STDs. The Centers for Disease Control recommends testing once annually. If you have multiple partners, testing more frequently–once every three to six months–or even between partners is recommended.

Even with monogamous partners, it is still recommended to test for STDs, especially if you or your partner have previous sexual histories.

Being Pregnant

Testing while pregnant is important to ensure a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.. Certain STDs can influence natal development and lead to negative consequences for infants, such as low birth weight, neurological impairment, and blindness.

As serious as these complications are, they are preventable with proper care and treatment, which can be administered with prompt STD testing.

Should You Still Get STD Testing if You Are Not Sexually Active?

It is still possible to contract an STD if you are not sexually active but partake in other forms of physical intimacy. For example, kissing and skin-to-skin contact may increase your risk of developing certain STDs such as syphilis and herpes.

STD testing is recommended for anyone engaging in any form of physical intimacy. If you’re wondering if you should be tested, ask your doctor.

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