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Birth Control Houston, TX Gone are the days where you only had one choice for birth control. Now, there are so many options that you can really tailor your birth control to your lifestyle and your specific needs. Not so good with remembering to take a pill every day? Not a problem. Trying to work with out-of-control acne? We’ve got you covered. Interested in avoiding hormones and the emotional rollercoaster you’ve heard horror stories about? There’s a birth control method for that.

Keep reading to learn about birth control and frequently asked questions about it.

Will it make me gain weight?

Rarely, some women do report gaining weight after they start taking birth control pills. Usually, it’s due to fluid retention and goes away after a few months. If that doesn’t sound like your issue, then talk to your physician. We may recommend trying a different method of birth control, or even just a different type of birth control pill.

Will it make me emotional?

If you Google search “Birth Control Mood,” you’re bound to find a lot of blog articles. Birth control has gotten a bad reputation for encouraging mood swings, but not all birth control methods are the same. If you’re worried about an emotional rollercoaster, you can try hormone-free birth control methods first.

Can it increase my risk of breast cancer?

If you currently have or have had breast cancer, you may want to avoid hormonal birth control. There are other options, like diaphragms, IUDs, and condoms that you can still use without increasing your risk.

What gives the best protection against pregnancy?

There are so many birth control methods that we can’t go into detail for all of them here, but know that IUDs and birth control implants are 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. The birth control pill is 91% effective, and condoms are 85% effective. Talk to your physician about your desired birth control and how effective it is.

What protects against STDs?

Don’t confuse birth control with safe sex. You may be using birth control, but that doesn’t mean you’re using protection. To reduce your risk of transmitting an STD, you’ll want to use a condom.

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