Abnormal Bleeding: What Do I Do?

It’s so funny how sensitive we are about our periods. Who doesn’t remember being self-conscious about their period, so much that they hid tampons up their sleeves as they ran to the bathroom during school? Even though we may feel less worried about hiding our periods, talking about them openly may take a little nudge. It’s not every day that we can just open up about something that feels so personal (even though all women have them).

If you have been experiencing abnormal bleeding or an abnormally heavy flow, then keep reading. We can help you figure out what is going on.

What causes heavy bleeding?

Heavy menstrual bleeding is more than an inconvenience for so many of us. It can lead to an iron-related deficiency in women, and can even require hospitalization and blood transfusions in the most severe cases.

If you experience heavy bleeding during your periods, we can help you by conducting tests to rule out underlying problems like fibroids, uterine cancer, an infection, or endometriosis. Once these are ruled out, it may be hormone imbalances that are causing your issue.

There are several treatments available for heavy menstrual bleeding, ranging from over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, oral contraceptives and minimally invasive surgery that preserve the uterus, to hysterectomy, that removes the uterus.

Questions to Ask Your Physician

Sometimes, it can be hard to think of questions in the moment. Our minds go blank when we’re finally in front of someone who can help. The following questions can help you get answers to help you understand more about what’s going on.

Do you think the amount of menstrual bleeding I’m experiencing is abnormal?

What tests do you need to conduct to diagnose symptoms, and why are you doing them?

Does my family history help understand more about what’s going on?

Are my iron levels being affected? What can we do about it?

Are you interested in scheduling a consultation to get to the bottom of what’s going on? Give us a call at (281) 444-3440 to schedule a consultation today to learn more about abnormal bleeding.

Schedule A Consultation

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What happens in a consultation?

01. Get to know your Northwest Women’s Center physician.

02. Discuss your unique goals and concerns.

03. Receive a personalized procedure plan.

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