What Treatments Are Available For Patients Diagnosed With Osteoporosis?

There are many conditions that can impact women as they age. One of the most common that is seen at our practice at Northwest Women’s Center is that of osteoporosis. Houston, TX women who visit our practice and are diagnosed with osteoporosis may not know much about this condition and what to do for treatment.

Understanding osteoporosis

The providers at Northwest Women’s Center describe osteoporosis as a condition that causes brittle, weak bones. It is sometimes referred to as “brittle bone disease.” Bones that are weak are much more likely to fracture. Osteoporosis can occur to anyone, but approximately 80% of patients diagnosed with osteoporosis are women. The condition can cause women to experience problems such as:

  • Bone weakness
  • Damaging falls
  • Bone cracking
  • Difficulty healing from fractures
  • Poor bone formation

What are the types of osteoporosis?

There are two main varieties of osteoporosis. Type 1 occurs after women have experience menopause, and is a result of estrogen level decrease that occurs naturally after this time. The bones begin to lose their natural density and substance making them weaker and more susceptible to damage. Type 2 osteoporosis is a condition that occurs typically after the age of around 70 when the bone loses substance from both the inside and outside, causing extreme brittleness.

What treatments are used for osteoporosis?

The type of osteoporosis and the severity of it will determine the best possible treatment for a patient. At Northwest Women’s Center, we will work with patients to get a proper and accurate diagnosis of their condition to then make recommendations regarding the most effective solution. Sometimes, improving the diet and increasing calcium intake can slow the progression of osteoporosis, and for some women who may be more susceptible, prevent osteoporosis from happening at an earlier age. Therapy, rehabilitation exercises, medication assistance, and sometimes surgical intervention is needed.

Learn more about osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment with the team of Northwest Women’s Center

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