Understanding BioTE

iStock 1075643024 1 As we age, disease prevention and vitality are essential to both men and women. Our hormones play a role in this. Balanced hormones are important to maintaining good overall health. After the age of 30, women lose hormones in the body each year, which leaves them susceptible to a number of ailments, diseases, and changes in our levels of energy and even sexual desires. With this in mind, many women turn to medical professionals to learn about ways to keep their hormones balanced even during times of change, such as menopause. The doctors at Northwest Women’s Center are here to help with hormone replacement options including BioTE pellet therapy. 

Understanding BioTE 

BioTE is the use of plant-derived hormones that can be injected into the body in the form of pellets. Pellets are placed under the skin and slowly dissolve into the patient’s bloodstream to help in balancing hormone levels. This type of treatment for hormone replacement is different than estradiol injections. The hormones in the BioTE pellets are released gradually and don’t require women to do anything to get their hormones back in balance during perimenopause and menopause. 

What are the benefits of estrogen BioTE pellets for women? 

Below are just a few of the more common advantages to BioTE therapy options at Northwest Women’s Center in Houston, TX: 

  • Resolution to sleep issues such as insomnia
  • Decreased menstrual headaches and migraines
  • Alleviation of common perimenopause and menopause symptoms including heart palpitations and hot flashes
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Increased lubrication to combat vaginal dryness that can make sexual intercourse painful and uncomfortable
  • Treatment of decreased concentration and memory
  • Improvement in depression and anxiety
  • Treatment of chronic fatigue
  • Reduction of body achieves and arthritis

Discover what BioTE means for you! 

BioTE pellet therapy is a popular way for both men and women to manage hormones. If you are considering the benefits of these human-identical sex hormones derived from plant sources that can help you managing the balance of your natural hormones, then speaking to a provider of BioTE pellet therapy is a smart choice! Call Northwest Women’s Center of Houston, TX today to discuss this and other hormone replacement therapy solutions available. The office is located at 13215 Dotson Road, Suite #200 and accepts new and returning patients who call for an appointment at (281) 444-3440.

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