What Do I Need to Know Before My First Ultrasound?

ultrasound Your first ultrasound can be incredibly exciting with the opportunity to take one of the first steps in your pregnancy journey. Though a routine, non-invasive imaging procedure, you may still be nervous if you’ve never had an ultrasound before.

The Northwest Women’s Center is excited to be able to support you which is why we’ll be going over ultrasounds today. From how they work to what results you can expect from your first ultrasound.

How Do Ultrasounds Work? 

Ultrasounds work through the sound waves being sent through the body to create images of the internal structures.

A transducer sends out these sound waves and then waits to receive them. Based on how the sound waves return, an image is constructed. Because your internal structures have varying densities, sizes, and structural makeup, the sound waves are all influenced by this on their return.

Think of the sound wave as a ball being thrown. You can tell a lot about what the ball bounced off of depending on the way in which the ball returns. If it bounces back quickly, chances are the ball bounced off a solid structure like a wall, for example.

What Do You Need to Do to Get Ready For an Ultrasound? 

For ultrasounds that will be checking a pregnancy, make sure to drink water. 32 oz. is the recommendation by American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine; however, you may need to drink less or more. The goal is simply to fill the bladder as this will then push up on the uterus, allowing for greater visibility.

What Information Will the First Ultrasound Tell You? 

The first ultrasound will let you see the fetus’s heartbeat. You will also be informed on how many fetuses there are, as well as be screened for any genetic issues and if there are any complications with your uterus or cervix.

The first ultrasound is not when the sex of the baby can be discerned.

Northwest Women’s Center Is Ready for Your First Ultrasound

Your first ultrasound is a time of excitement. Should there be any nerves or anxiety, the Northwest Women’s Center is here for you. Located in Houston, TX, our goal is to provide care for a woman at every stage of her life.

To schedule an appointment please call us at 281-444-3440.

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