What Is the O-Shot and How Does It Work?

Top,View,Young,Sexy,Woman,Hands,Pulling,White,Sheets,In Studies show that up to half of women everywhere are unsatisfied with their ability to reach orgasm consistently and that 10-15% have never achieved orgasm at all. The O-Shot® is an innovative nonsurgical treatment that may be able to help. We’ll break down what the O-Shot is and how it works.

The Platelet-Rich Plasma Premise

The O-shot is a type of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection, a type of treatment that’s commonly used to treat everything from hair loss to sports injuries. These treatments are created by extracting a sample of the patient’s own blood and isolating the portions that contain healing and growth properties.

These are the same platelets that kick in to form a scab and promote the healing process whenever we’re wounded. By injecting a target area of the patient’s body with a more concentrated version of their own platelet-rich plasma, PRP injections can promote regeneration and cell reproduction.

The O-Shot uses the process outlined above to create PRP before numbing the injection site with a local anesthetic. The PRP is then reinjected into the patient’s vaginal and clitoral area.

Does the O-Shot Really Work?

Plenty of studies have been conducted that support the benefits of PRP treatments in general. But the truth is that science is still catching up when it comes to documenting the effects of the O-shot specifically.

That said, there have been some official studies that showed very promising results. Additionally, plenty of patients report experiencing greater arousal, stronger sexual desire, and increased ability to achieve orgasm.

Results may vary from patient to patient, but the good news is that the O-Shot is a low-risk treatment option. With little to no downtime, this minimally invasive treatment may be worth trying if you’re dealing with sexual dysfunction.

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