Rules for Vaginal Health

Vaginal Dryness Houston, TX Even though we’ve been living with them our whole lives, our vaginas can still be a mystery for some of us. Thank outdated ideas about our bodies for some of our ignorance. Instead of blaming the culture, though, why not just take advantage of where you are now and move forward? Learning about your vagina and how to keep it healthy may give you a surprising boost of confidence! Keep reading for some basic tips on how to keep your vagina healthy and happy.

Skip the Soap

It might be easy to think everything needs to be sudsed, scrubbed, and perfumed. After all, we live in the age of super clean, sanitized, waxed bodies. But, did you know that the vagina actually is healthier when it is allowed to take care of itself? When your vagina is exposed to harsh soaps, perfumes, and douches, the pH balance can be upset. That might mean an infection or irritation in your future.

If you do feel weird just letting water be your cleanser, you can try a gentle, non-perfumed soap for your external sex organs. Never use cleansers inside your vagina, though.

Ban Bacteria

There’s a reason thongs are getting such a bad rap these days. Those types of underwear encourage bacteria to move around, and you may end up with unwanted bacteria near or even in your vagina.

Your vagina needs to breathe, so make sure you have cotton underwear in your drawer. Wearing cotton underwear most of the time can help keep your vagina operating as it should. If you love those silky, lacy pieces, save them for nights out.

Eat for your Vagina

Food is an important part of keeping you healthy, and your vagina is included in that statement. Greek yogurt contains probiotics which help keep your vagina healthy, so work on preventing any issues by incorporating a few foods that contain probiotics into your diet.

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