Using Nitrous Oxide For A Positive, Comfortable Experience At Our Clinic

While most routine gynecological care is performed in our practice without anxiety, some women may be uneasy about having certain procedures done. In-office procedures that may be uncomfortable or cause anxiety can be integrated along with nitrous oxide to help women feel more relaxed before and during their treatment.

What is nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can provide almost immediate relaxation to patients who inhale it through the nose. It is most commonly known as “laughing gas,” and is used widely in many dental practices to relax patients for their treatments. Nitrous oxide can also be used at Northwest Women’s Center to help women address anxiety that can develop with upcoming appointments and procedures. This gas can be administered right in our office for almost instant results, and the administration of oxygen can quickly reverse the effects when the procedure is complete. Women do not have to make transportation arrangements to and from the office as they will be able to operate a vehicle safely.

What procedures can nitrous oxide be used for?

There are a wide range of procedures and treatments that are performed at our Houston, TX area practice. Some of the more common treatments that our patients request integration of sedation methods such as this include:


• Treatment of uterine fibroids

• Placement of an IUD

• Treatment of ovarian cysts

• Votiva vaginal rejuvenation treatment

Gynecological examinations

We want our patients to feel comfortable when they obtain quality care from our team members. We encourage women with any level of anxiety to ask about the integration of nitrous oxide into their next visit to ensure a positive experience each and every time they arrive.

Call Northwest Women’s Center today

If you are coming into our clinic for a procedure and are interested in combining nitrous oxide into treatment to calm your anxieties, speak to our team about integrating it into your upcoming visit. Call the office at (281) 444-3440 and visit the practice at 13215 Dotson Road, Suite 200 in Houston, TX. We have several providers in our practice who can educate you on the use of nitrous oxide for in-office procedures.

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