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Urinary inconvenience is a condition that affects many women. Unfortunately, many women are embarrassed to speak to a medical professional about their needs. The team of Northwest Women’s Center in Houston, TX believes in openness and honesty, and provides discreet service for women who have urinary concerns. By speaking to a doctor about your concerns, we can help! Urinary incontinence is often treated in our practice with a specialized, FDA-cleared device called EmSella.

What is EmSella?

EmSella is an innovative device that is cleared for use in treating vaginal tissue laxity and urinary incontinence. Developed by a company known as BTL Aesthetics, this device administers high-intensity electromagnetic fields to help treat the pelvic floor. This chair-like device offers non-invasive penetration of electromagnetic energy to help in targeting the pelvic floor tissues and strengthen the surrounding muscles. With routine treatments using EmSella, women report a dramatic improvement in problems such as stress urinary incontinence in as little as three weeks!

How does EmSella work?

The EmSella device presents itself as a chair. While fully clothed, women will sit in this ergonomic device as it penetrates the tissues of the pelvic floor with this electromagnetic energy. The device helps in stimulating the muscles, building the muscle strength, restoring pelvic organ support, and tightening the vaginal walls. Not only does this help with conditions such as urge and urinary incontinence, but it can also improve sexual satisfaction as well. Each treatment session is approximately 30 minutes and is performed right in our practice. Because it is non-invasive, there is no recovery or downtime associated with EmSella treatments. Patients resume their normal activities as the body changes with time. Treatment is fast, comfortable, and discreet.

How many treatments do I need?

One treatment of EmSella will offer some improvements, but our team will highly recommend having two treatments a week for three weeks, completing six treatments total. Patients can continue to have treatments done to maintain their results if they desire.

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